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About Us

Company Philosophy

Here at C6 we strive towards developing a ski that is of the highest quality and performance while employing a no Bull S**T approach. Our aim is to build skis out of the best materials that are as light and durable as possible. We are not trying to trick our customers into purchasing skis just because they have pretty graphics on them. Our customers buy C6 skis because they are the best and perform at the highest level. 

Our history

Our company is comprised of innovators and pioneers in carbon composite manufacturing
for the last 20 years. We have built components for grand prix race yachts including carbon fibre masts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, components for Americas Cup campaigns, aircraft and race cars.

Our ski building history has developed over 10 years of building our own carbon fiber skis as personal projects. We eventually discovered that the skis that we were making were far superior to anything we could buy. This spawned the idea to begin building skis commercially and share them with the world. C6 has evolved into a skiing business through the combination of our passion for skiing and expertise in carbon composite engineering. This is what separates us from other passion project ski manufacturers. The skis we make are at the pinnacle of construction methods and performance. 

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