“The best skis I have ever skied. period.”

C6 skis are the best skis I have ever skied. Period. I’ve never experienced a ski that holds like a Racer on Ice and skis deep powder with ease until C6, and they are so easy to ski! Black Magic!



“They bring pure joy into my Life!”

After 25 seasons, skiing had turned monotonous. Then I discovered the C6 Vanquish! They were tight, fast lively and light and I was in love with skiing again. I love the Vanquish for its speed, the Mercury for its Joy, the Judge for its stability and the Tasman for its versatility, I can’t get enough of C6 skis. They bring pure joy into my life!



“very satisfied C6 SKIERS”

This shot is with our Apollos. Both of us have now been skiing on Mercury’s for 3 seasons and have had 2 overseas trips with them. They are brilliant for travel. We can get both our skis poles one helmet and 1 pair of boots in the ski bag plus some clothes. All within the weight allowance. We have really enjoyed off piste, bumps and powder as well as Turoa hard pack. From 2 very satisfied C6 skiers.


Vanda Testimonial Image.jpg

“the light and stable C6 Judge model enabled me to ski with confidence and joy again”

When I skied my first run on the C6 Judges I knew! After injury in 2009 I couldn’t seem to find the right ski. My right fibular was pinned and screwed and the gear I was using was just too much weight. However the light and stable C6 judge model enabled me to ski with confidence and joy again. After three japan trips and 4 NZ seasons on them I added the all mountain Apollo and took them to Niseko for march. Performed brilliantly. Very pivotal in trees and handled knee deep powder beautifully. 💗C6 skis. Btw 73 yr senior skier.



“These instantly became the must have skis for us”

We purchased our C6 skis four seasons ago. We both had the chance to try the then, new to market C6 Judge skis. First time on fat and twin-tip skis, Wow!! These instantly became the must have skis for us. Light, responsive, great all rounders’for our older legs. Off the Fernie Canada. Deep powder even better again.

I now have a pair of the new generation C6 Apollos as well, for the harder groomer days. Different to ski but once again great.

We recommend you demo a pair of C6 skis this season, even if you’re not in the market to buy!




C6 skis always first in the queue. They lifted me to another level.